May. 12th, 2016

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After a while as a runner, [ profile] aramuin claimed that she would get itchy on days where she was supposed to go running but for whatever reason didn't manage to get out for a run. I won't say that I didn't believe her, because I did, but I don't think I fully understood how that could happen. Until last night...

Yup, last night, I found myself sneaking downstairs for a sneaky cycle. A laptop, a stationary bike, 30 minutes and 11kms later, I felt a little less itchy, and I understood what [ profile] aramuin meant.

Now if only I could sleep through the night without waking myself up by moving my hand in such a way as to have fiery, fiery pain* shoot through it, that would be great.

* De Quervain's Tenosynovitis is a horrible, horrible thing that makes me have pain in places that used to be absolutely fine.  Now, grabbing the sheets to pull them over me results in me waking up screaming in pain - or at the very least biting my lip just in case I wake up [ profile] aramuin .


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