Sep. 21st, 2016

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I'm kidding.... Mostly.

I think I'm up to week the end of week 11 of the challenge and, unofficially, I have hit my target! I have crossed one million steps since July 1st.

I feel tired, amazing, elated, disbelieving, and everything else in between. It's been a tough ride. I've had one fairly serious fibromyalgia flare up. I've had a couple of horrid IBS flare ups - which have hit while I've been on the treadmill because where else would be quite so inconvenient? Looking back, I honestly can't believe that I've done it.

Let's look at some stats:

Number of steps taken3728893748872566271004403
Number of kilometers covered273.95277.16189.99741.1
Number of miles covered170.22172.22118.05460.49
Average steps per day12028120931222012101
Average kilometers per day8.848.949.058.93
Average active mins per day94.84100.5599.1998.07

I have taken only one day off since 01-July, and that was last Saturday.
Every other day, there was a trip to the gym or a really long walk.

My regular workday schedule has been an hour at the gym before work, a 1km slow walk at lunchtime and then pretty much rest for the rest of the day - apart from incidental walking around the house, etc. Not included in that has been karate classes on Wednesday and Thursday.

What's surprised me most is actually the amount of active minutes per day.  Honestly, this is probably be biggest difference for me.  I , now, put in between 11 and 12 hours of exercise into my week.  This is a massive increase for me.  I do feel healthier, but I'm still trying to keep the activity level balanced.  With fibromyalgia, pushing too hard can just land me on my ass.  I think that the amount, or even slightly less, is sustainable.  I'm going to look at incorporating other types of exercise into my training routine though - see if I can start pushing a couple of inches off my various measurements.

That's the baffling thing to me, though.  I kinda expected that getting off my arse would help me to shift some weight.  It's not been super for that, but I have lost a little.  Nowhere near what I pictured, but this wasn't for weightloss.  This was for getting out and getting moving.  And I did that.

The current plan is to continue until the end of the month with just walking and then start looking into branching out.  But, you guys!  I did it!  :)


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