Sep. 30th, 2016

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Today is the last day of the month. It's also the official last day of my #MillionSteps challenge. Over the past 3 months, I have walked about 1,120,000 steps, or a fraction under 830kms. I have become fitter. I can get through tough karate classes and walk over 6kms in an hour - both of which were unthinkable three months ago.

The other side effect is that I have lost a little bit of weight. Not a massive quantity but definitely enough that I'm comfortable to share it with you. Below the cut is an actual picture of me (a very rare event - although today is send a photo to our customers day and we've done all the group photos but I need to sort out a nice portrait shot to send before Monday). It should be noted that I'm wearing jeans that are between 1 and 2 dress sizes smaller than I did at the start of the challenge (from a UK22/24 to a UK20) and I've noticed that my bumpy bits are a little less bumpy.

The good side is that the weight loss (18lbs or about 8kgs) was done gradually and as long as I keep my activity level up, it should be maintainable. However, I do want to lose a little bit more so I'm going to keep up the exercise.

I actually got approached by one of the regulars at my gym. He's in his 60's and goes in the mornings about the same times as I do. He's absolutely wonderful and always has a wave or a smile for you. Anyway, he came over this morning and asked me where I was vanishing off to. He's noticed that I've lose weight and I got a fist bump of achievement from him. Another regular of the gym came over to me in the changing room, having heard what he said and said the same thing. It really started my day off in a fantastic way. Thank you both! I kinda needed to hear it.

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This is a very clingy top, very clingy, and it's always clung to ever single bump that I have. This is honestly the first time that I've worn this and not despaired that my rolls of fat were bigger than my chest. I am actually feeling pretty good about that picture.


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