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Wow, so yeah.. It's been a little bit of a while since I last used either dreamwidth or livejournal.  I think that needs to change.


JOB:  Left old job that was making me drive around the country and put in mad amounts of distance.  Got new job that started off really good but then turned out to be the job from hell, even worse than the job that had me driving from coast to coast.  I now have another new job.  It is awesome and I have the feeling that this is going to be the one to stick at for the next few years at least.

LIVING: Moved house.  We now live in the House of Wonk, so named because there are no right angles in it.  It's rather an OCD nightmare.  And there are occasionally spiders the size of 50p pieces, which double in size once you include the legs.

WRITING: I haven't written anything significant in quite a while and it's not looking like that is going to change.  :(

MEDICAL: I buggered up my right wrist a while back and now I need an operation on it to unstick the tendon sheath from the tendon.  Still waiting on the letter from the doctor about when surgery is going to be.  I've also had the first of what promises to be many conversations with the doctor about possibly getting a fibromyalgia diagnosis which would explain all the random pain that I've had.

EXERCISE: Yesterday I clocked a rather unimpressive 1km on the treadmill and 3.75km on the stationary bike in about 25 minutes.  I'm going again today and I'm kinda hoping to restart the C25K program.  Just need to be sure to stretch things out first.


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