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Exercise is a funny thing.

We need it to be healthy.  Apparently.  Anyone who is even slightly overweight is told this.  However, people who are thin don't get told the same thing.

Society tells us that we should all have gym memberships.  We should be athletic, but not so athletic that we have muscles - because girls shouldn't be physically strong or over-muscled.  God(s) forbid that we outshine our male counterparts. 

What a lot of doctors and medical professionals and general society seems to forget is that everyone has a different capacity for exercise.  This little fact seems to sit somewhere outside in the hallway of the medical practices and never manages to sneak into a consulting room.  That's a shame. 

I find myself in pain for a high proportion of my awake-time.  This is through no fault of my own - by which I mean it's non-consequential pain.  I haven't pushed myself too far.  I haven't done something stupid.  I wasn't attacked.  I wasn't injured as a result of falling down, falling up, over-reaching.  I am just in pain.  Most days it's manageable.  Most days, I can ignore it to some extent or medicate it down to a level where it is manageable.  However, this does have an impact on my exercise levels.

Take yesterday as an example.  I tried the NHS Couch to 5K (C25K) app to encourage myself to get moving.  It's a simple app which lets you play your own playlist while a voice-over tells you when to walk, run and cool down.  It's predicated on 5 minutes walk to warm up, 60 second runs, 90 second walk to rest.  This 60 / 90 schedule is repeated 9 times to bring it to a 30 minute work out with 5 minute warm up and cool down sessions. 

I couldn't complete it.  I managed the warm up.  I managed 3 of the 60 / 90 second intervals and then the pain in my right leg made me tap out.  I did a 5 minute cool down to see if I could relieve the pain just by working through it but I couldn't.  I then did a 2km cycle where my leg wasn't bothering me quite so much.  All that left me with was a bundle of sweaty clothes and the feeling that I failed.

Yes, in my head I know I didn't fail.  That instead it just spoke to a level of fitness that wasn't up to doing 9 intervals.  That doesn't get rid of the feeling though.  So I started turning it on it's head.  I could complete 3 intervals.  Use that as a base.  Can I set up an interval based training session where maybe the rest periods were longer?  Maybe sneak in one extra run? 

That's my plan now.  Work up to a level where I can start the C25K.  Work at a comfort level that is appropriate for me.  Who knows.  It may even work!
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