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So to kill the headache that has been lurking in the back of my head for the past three days, I decided to forgo normal painkillers and have a glass of wine instead.  Okay, so it was a glass and a half....  My headache has kicked back with a vengeance and is almost to the point where I can't focus on anything.  That kinda backfired.  Funny thing is that it doesn't feel like a hangover.  It's just right behind my eyes and I'm a little photosensitive right now but no nausea which is my sure fire "this is a hangover" sign.  Also my hangover headaches are never morning headaches and never sit right behind my eyes.  They're always top of my head and back of my head...  *sigh*

The weekend was exercise free - which was good because it was Eurovision and that is always just an excuse to be bitchy and mock the crap outta Europe.  The exercise free part continued into Monday because I mistimed my lunch and then couldn't be bothered to do anything in the evening.  I don't know, maybe it's the start of self-sabotage again.  I went yesterday but kinda bailed out halfway through my walk/run intervals because of an urgent need to pee.  :( 

I have my gym stuff with me today but unless my headache buggers off, I'm not going to be doing much but sleeping when I get home.  :(
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