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Right, so we're a little over two weeks into the ‪#‎millionsteps‬ challenge. My current step count is just shy of 200,000 steps. I've walked about 145km since the start of July.

I'm amazed.
I honestly didn't think that I'd make it this far.

Things that I've found out about myself so far...

1)  It seems to take me about 2-3kms for my legs to finally accept that we are walking and not planning on stopping - this is when the cramps down the sides seem to subside.

2)  I can seem to keep up a plodding pace that just involves one foot in front of another once my leg muscles relax sufficiently.

3) Holding a bottle of water while walking means that I'm in for killer hand cramps about ten minutes in that meant that I needed to take my ring off and not try anything that required manual dexterity.

4) [ profile] aramuin  was right. I do seem to be walking faster now that I'm doing it regularly.

5) Not enough companies make sports bras that cater for larger busted women. And the ones that do charge a fortune for them. However, occasionally, Sainsbury's comes up trumps.

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