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3 weeks in and I've hit my first big milestone - a quarter of a million steps, and I'm rapidly closing in on my 300k-th step. 

I'm also down about 8.3 lbs since the middle of June.  That's not terrible in terms of weight loss.  Slow but sustainable. 

The benefits of doing this challenge are that I'm actually getting a long walk in every day with a few days of exceptional walks.  I start my workdays off with a nice 5km walk, and then top up with a supplemental walk if necessary at the end of the day.  Add in a couple of karate classes during the week and I think I can move my activity level off the sedentary level and into active. 

I do have worries about whether or not it's sustainable.  I'm afraid that my fibromyalgia will kick in and level me.  I'm afraid that I'm going to have to keep up this activity level.  I know that I'm borrowing trouble from tomorrow but I'm a worry-wart by design.  For example, I'm worried that I've found this upkick in my activity levels (up to 3x what I was doing per day) fairly easy. 

But so far, it's been okay.  I've had twinges.  I've had muscles lock solid for twenty minutes while I was walking and being in pain while I waited for them to unlock.  But they did unlock.  I've found that increasing my activity levels means that the muscle stiffness that comes with fibro kicks in fast.  I'm keeping at it though. 
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