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I'm still keeping up my step count.  I'm about 6 weeks in and my step count is closing in on half a million steps.  Oh my God, I never thought that I would say such a thing. 

My stats for July were:
~370,000 steps
~274 kilometers / 170 miles walked
Average per day steps of around 12,000

There were also about 5 big blisters and an infinite amount of cramps - which now mostly just try to cripple me as I tackle hills. 

I also managed, somehow, to fit in a Karate grading and am now the proud wearer of an Orange belt - which manages to turn my beautiful white gi a weird orangy-pink colour when I sweat during class.  Also managed to squeeze in a seminar which had us training under Kancho Sullivan, the man who founded our particular branch of Karate.  He's in his 70's, his Australian and he punches trees for fun. 

All in all, I'm keeping active.  Although, I really want some sleep.  With the schedule that I'm on - there are no rest days.

Yes, that's a bad idea but I'm not pushing myself to breaking point.  If I need a particularly slow day, I do 3km instead of 5km in the morning.  I do the same on the days when there is Karate practice.  It's working for me but there's this niggly-naggly voice in the back of my head asking me what's going to happen after September and after the end of this challenge.  I'm not entirely sure that I will be able to just stop cold-turkey or that I'll want to. 

Guess, we'll see!


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