Jun. 30th, 2016 12:41 pm
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It's a week since the vote and there's still a lot of uncertainty around the will we/won't we vote. 

The final result was 52% to 48% to Leave the EU.

Then, the stock markets and the sterling went into free fall for a bit but now they're slowly stabilizing and starting to regain some ground.

The UK lost it's Prime Minister and it's trust in most politicians. 

The Labour party is mid-implosion because the Parliamentary Labour Party has decided to resign on mass and instigate a vote of no-confidence in their leader, but despite 75% of them saying that he's not the man for the job, he refuses to resign.

The Conservatives are about to start their all-out war on each other in a quest to inherit Cameron's old role and the presumptive favourite has just thrown a chicken in the fox house and declared that he's not the man for the job. 

And all that is small fries in comparison to what is happening on the street.  It seems as if some of the people who had always kept their racist and xenophobic thoughts to themselves have taken the Brexit vote as a license to say some horrific things to people they determine are immigrants.  I say people they determine as immigrants because mostly they seem to be targeting anyone who a) doesn't have English as their mother tongue and b) looks like they may be foreign (but are usually just people of Asian, Middle Eastern or African heritage). 

Casual racism is on the rise.  Racist attacks are on the rise.  Islamophobia is on the rise.  And the people carrying it out seem to believe that the entire 52% of Leave voters are right behind them and agree with every piece of trash thing that they come out with.  They aren't and they don't - for the vast majority, but these emboldened a**holes are making life hell.

The UK has not started the detangling process.  They've not voted on anything in Parliament and they probably won't until at least October.  The EU is pushing hard to get that little piece of paper across it's desk but with the amount of vacant desks in the Houses of Parliament... it's going to be a while.

Meanwhile, Scotland is scrambling to see what it can do.  Northern Ireland (and Southern Ireland) are holding their breaths and hoping that we don't have to witness "The Troubles: Part Deux" break out and read stories about bombs blowing up and killing hundreds of innocent people in our back yard.  We're already seeing hate crime spike in the UK, and that's too close by far. 

There's talk of legality and whether or not it's actually legal for Parliament to invoke Article 50 - because it may not be in the Public Best Interest.  There's talk of Scottish independence.  There's talk of motions to give the North back to the South and let Ireland be just one big single nation of awesome football supporters.  There's talk of the non-binding-ness of the referendum becoming relevant.  There's talk of second referenda and everything that goes with that.  There's talk of Leave voters not knowing what the hell they voted for and having epiphanies when they woke up the next morning. 

It's too late, sunshine.  You voted, you have to live with the consequences.

There's talk of Irish passports and tracing your family back to see if you can get Irish citizenship to save you from having to queue in terminal buildings and go through disinterested lines of customs and passport control. 

There's too much talk at the moment, and not enough answers.  There's not enough planning.  There's not enough truth in politics. 

Something has got to give but for now, we're all in a holding pattern until someone actually has to power to do something.  For now though, we're just along for the ride.


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