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deannawol ([personal profile] deannawol) wrote2016-05-10 04:20 pm
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Day 2 of the new-ish me... maybe?

Day 2 of going to the gym at lunch. 

1.75km on the treadmill in 20 minutes.  Managed two runs at 7.5 for 60 seconds each.  The rest was walking at about 5kph.  It wasn't bad but it was really painful.  The entire outside of my right leg just cramped up.  It was supposed to be day 1 of C25K but I didn't get anywhere near the target. 

Then, a little time on the stationary bike (6.30 minutes) and covered 2km.  I feel a little better about that actually, but still, I just want to get into a shape that isn't round.  Is that too much to ask.

Tonight will be spent testing interval training apps to see how they work, if they work and if they will work for me.  I need to tailor my gym sessions until I can get up to a reasonable fitness level, and at this point, I'd set that bar at day 1 of C25K completed. 

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