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Okay, so Saturday morning I used our stationary bike to bike 12.6km.  This has resulted in my ladybits hating me with a passion.  They are still sore 3 days later.  This is rather annoying.  I honestly don't know what to do about it.  Everyone says, just keep going and it will be fine but in truth, this is the biggest turn off about cycling.

I have ambitions of cycling to work.  Ambitions, I say because I don't know if it will be possible.  I couldn't close my legs or sit on a hard surface without discomfort on Saturday, which turned into owie on Sunday and is still causing me issue today.  There's an option of a noseless seat for a bicycle which on the surface is looking good.  I just don't know enough about bicycles to know. 

The idea behind it is that your behind is perched on the cushions but there's nothing between your legs to press on your genitals.  This sounds good on the surface but I'm not sure how it will be in reality.  (Also, is there any way to put one of these on my stationary bike???)

Too many questions and no damned answers.... 

Other than that, my exercise plan is still mostly on track. 


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