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Here's a weird question...  When you are losing weight, how much do you need before you start to see it yourself?

I've lost about 8% of my bodyweight over the last few months, but I don't see it.  I can wear my jeans a size smaller and my old faithful jeans are now just falling off me.  When I look in the mirror though, I just don't see it. 

I'm down 21lbs.  That's quite a bit.  It's more than I thought I would be able to do.  I have some really good days and the rest of the time, I just feel a bit blah.  I'm still going.  I'm still working towards it. 

I have 6.6lbs to go until I hit 2 stones.  Fingers crossed.  I can totally do this.g
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Today is the last day of the month. It's also the official last day of my #MillionSteps challenge. Over the past 3 months, I have walked about 1,120,000 steps, or a fraction under 830kms. I have become fitter. I can get through tough karate classes and walk over 6kms in an hour - both of which were unthinkable three months ago.

The other side effect is that I have lost a little bit of weight. Not a massive quantity but definitely enough that I'm comfortable to share it with you. Below the cut is an actual picture of me (a very rare event - although today is send a photo to our customers day and we've done all the group photos but I need to sort out a nice portrait shot to send before Monday). It should be noted that I'm wearing jeans that are between 1 and 2 dress sizes smaller than I did at the start of the challenge (from a UK22/24 to a UK20) and I've noticed that my bumpy bits are a little less bumpy.

The good side is that the weight loss (18lbs or about 8kgs) was done gradually and as long as I keep my activity level up, it should be maintainable. However, I do want to lose a little bit more so I'm going to keep up the exercise.

I actually got approached by one of the regulars at my gym. He's in his 60's and goes in the mornings about the same times as I do. He's absolutely wonderful and always has a wave or a smile for you. Anyway, he came over this morning and asked me where I was vanishing off to. He's noticed that I've lose weight and I got a fist bump of achievement from him. Another regular of the gym came over to me in the changing room, having heard what he said and said the same thing. It really started my day off in a fantastic way. Thank you both! I kinda needed to hear it.

Click for Pic... )

This is a very clingy top, very clingy, and it's always clung to ever single bump that I have. This is honestly the first time that I've worn this and not despaired that my rolls of fat were bigger than my chest. I am actually feeling pretty good about that picture.
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I'm kidding.... Mostly.

I think I'm up to week the end of week 11 of the challenge and, unofficially, I have hit my target! I have crossed one million steps since July 1st.

I feel tired, amazing, elated, disbelieving, and everything else in between. It's been a tough ride. I've had one fairly serious fibromyalgia flare up. I've had a couple of horrid IBS flare ups - which have hit while I've been on the treadmill because where else would be quite so inconvenient? Looking back, I honestly can't believe that I've done it.

Let's look at some stats:

Number of steps taken3728893748872566271004403
Number of kilometers covered273.95277.16189.99741.1
Number of miles covered170.22172.22118.05460.49
Average steps per day12028120931222012101
Average kilometers per day8.848.949.058.93
Average active mins per day94.84100.5599.1998.07

I have taken only one day off since 01-July, and that was last Saturday.
Every other day, there was a trip to the gym or a really long walk.

My regular workday schedule has been an hour at the gym before work, a 1km slow walk at lunchtime and then pretty much rest for the rest of the day - apart from incidental walking around the house, etc. Not included in that has been karate classes on Wednesday and Thursday.

What's surprised me most is actually the amount of active minutes per day.  Honestly, this is probably be biggest difference for me.  I , now, put in between 11 and 12 hours of exercise into my week.  This is a massive increase for me.  I do feel healthier, but I'm still trying to keep the activity level balanced.  With fibromyalgia, pushing too hard can just land me on my ass.  I think that the amount, or even slightly less, is sustainable.  I'm going to look at incorporating other types of exercise into my training routine though - see if I can start pushing a couple of inches off my various measurements.

That's the baffling thing to me, though.  I kinda expected that getting off my arse would help me to shift some weight.  It's not been super for that, but I have lost a little.  Nowhere near what I pictured, but this wasn't for weightloss.  This was for getting out and getting moving.  And I did that.

The current plan is to continue until the end of the month with just walking and then start looking into branching out.  But, you guys!  I did it!  :)


Aug. 26th, 2016 09:06 am
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Today marks 8 weeks in on my million steps challenge.  I have just over five weeks left. 

For those 8 weeks, I have averaged:
  • a fraction over 12000 steps per day
  • about 95 active minutes per day
  • a fraction under 9kms per day
I have racked up a total of 500kms walked over the the 8 weeks and just shy of 678,000 steps. 

From June 13th, when I got my fantastic Fitbit, to June 30th, I covered 74.78kms (which I was very proud of).  In July, I covered 274km and in August to date, I have covered 225kms.  We've added an additional karate class to our schedule each week for August (a longer class than our current one with another great Sensei - I just wish it wasn't the day before our other karate class).

I can honestly say that my activity level has at least doubled over the last 8 weeks.  I can feel it in my knees and legs - which isn't helped by the heat given that they are swollen up and horribly cramp-y.  My ankles are officially cankles at the moment and I'm not entirely happy with that.  My entire thigh cramped last night from hip down to knee.  Really annoying.  And that's my whinge for the day done. 

I do feel better over all.  Healthier, more able to do things, although Karate still kills me.  I'm contemplating doing some walking races (I'm not up to running yet so next best thing, right?).  Not sure.  But yeah, I'm glad that I started this challenge.

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So. a while back, I kinda alluded to my work situation. 

I left the job that was making me drive thousands of miles in a month, knocked the dust off my feet and started a new job as a project manager for a software company that worked with the fashion industry.  For the first seven months (a month after my probation ended), I was doing a great job.  My appraisal scores at the end of my probation were all up over 90% as their scoring went.  I took on more responsibility and was asked my opinion on things.  It was great.  And then one day, it all turned to crap.

Literally overnight, my line manager decided that she didn't like the way that I did anything.  She took me to task over some fairly minor things - which I did hold my hands up to - and read me the riot act.  In the hour after the meeting, I fixed everything that she had pointed out and brought everything up to date.  Two days later, I was called into another meeting where... she'd "been thinking".  She told me that I should consider that meeting earlier in the week to be my verbal warning and that she was putting me on a performance improvement plan. 

I was floored.  I literally couldn't say a word.  I just nodded and took it.  I know this is clichéd to say but this had never happened me before.  I put my head down and got down to it.  I worked on everything that she'd outlined as my responsibilities, including the very nebulous items that she stuck on the bottom of the plan.  I, also, started documenting what I was doing and how I was doing it.  The PIP was scheduled to last a month, with a mid-month review to discuss progress.  The mid-month review came 4 working days after the start of the PIP due to her need to travel to a client site. 

I got to the end of the month, sat down, talked through everything that I'd done and she said that was fine.  We'd still continue to meet and discuss how I was getting on but there was absolutely no talk of extending the PIP.  I washed my hands, kept working on those areas that she thought I was weak on and figured that I was back on an equal footing again. 

She did decide that she wanted to move the office around and turfed me out of my seat because she wanted it.  In fairness, it was a corner seat with no visible access to her screen - I still don't understand why she didn't take it when the old PM left, but that was fine.  She went back on all her talk about the PMs (and she was doing the job of a PM too) keeping a united front and keeping close to each other.  She moved me pretty much as far away as she could while keeping me in the same office.  This meant that she didn't actually have to talk to me during the day - I wasn't in her direct vicinity any more - which meant that it was so much harder for me to keep on top of those things that she'd identified, including keeping each other in the loop (I tried, she didn't even bother).  She also started taking away my access to folders on the network until little by little, everything that I'd been doing that constituted managing the implementation team (a part of my job) disappeared.

I was getting shouted at for not knowing the procedures that she had changed the night before without telling me anything about the changes.  I was getting castigated in the office, in front of everyone, for clients that were being troublesome.  That's all until one day, at about 4pm when I got a call to come up to one of the meeting rooms.  I went up and sat down and I was read a letter.  It was a disciplinary meeting.  I had 48 hours notice of a disciplinary meeting.  I went home and cried my eyes out.  I didn't know what the hell was going on. 

My partner and best friend's mum works in the Employment Appeals Tribunal in Ireland and she got me calmed down and gave me a strategy.  She totally prepared me and gave me some reassurance that it wasn't the end of the world.  I went into the meeting and I got told so many things that were wrong with me.  I countered some but honestly, it was harrowing.  In retrospect, the key items were that my personality wasn't the same as my line managers and I was showing her up by actually getting down and doing some work that the implementation consultants did (because they were stretched beyond capacity and it was writing customer manuals - which was an excellent way to teach myself the system).

Several things were highlighted during the meeting, including the fact that I was still apparently on the previous PIP despite there being no mention of this in the month since the last meeting.  My line manager had no proof of anything, and couldn't give any specific examples of anything "wrong" that I was doing.  The HR manager still sided with my line manager and I was put back on a PIP, this time for 3 months.  I wasn't given any details of the PIP until the following week and it still had some dangerously nebulous items on it. 

The attitude in the office towards me got worse and worse.  I could honestly go to work at 7:30 in the morning and not speak to a single person between then and 5:00 in the afternoon.  I was working as hard as I could but I kept getting work taken off me.  One such thing was a new project, but "the board would be more comfortable if [she] led it".  I asked to shadow her, so that I could continue to work on my "issues".  She said yes, and then gave me no information about the project or shared any information about it.  She was actively encouraging others not to talk to me about anything, often overruling my advice or instructions, taking credit for the few good ideas that I had to the board (as in, I told her to try this when she'd been saying the exact opposite to me).  I was trying to manage some of the worst legacy projects that the business had with the most difficult customers. 

It shouldn't have been a surprise when I got called to another meeting, not even three weeks after my PIP had started, and I was read my termination letter.  The funny thing was that I was honestly thinking of just calling in sick that day because the situation was just getting to me so much.  They fired me the day before my first year was due to be complete - and consequently, the last day that they could get away with paying me the bare minimum of severance in lieu of notice.

Strangely enough, that was when I really fought back.  My termination letter said that even with the support of my line manager, I had failed to show adequate progress.  Since the disciplinary meeting, I'd had no support.  I hadn't even had a meeting about the goals of the PIP which was supposed to be weekly.  There was nothing, no conversation, no words in my direction that weren't a flat out question that couldn't be answered by someone else.

Needless to say, the entire experience shook my confidence and my self belief.  It was... devastating.  I couldn't figure out how I'd gone from 90% to kicked out the door and bouncing on my ass down the pavement.  There didn't seem to be anything that I could point to, anything that I could say "ah hah!, it was this!" 

Several people figured that it was either because they didn't have space for two PMs with the declining business, or she was threatened by me and my ability to do technical things.  I don't know.  I don't think I will ever know.  But now, 9 months later, I don't care what the reason was.  I've come to the realisation today (I never said I was quick on the uptake) that what she did constituted emotional bullying.  I was miserable and she fostered and promoted a very toxic environment.  I say that I'm slow on the uptake but honestly, it's taken me this long to recover enough to divorce the pain from the situation.

Here's the controversial statement:  I'm happy that I got fired.  I'm happy that all that shit happened because my employer loyalty would have kept me there in my unhappy job until I got off my ass and started applying for jobs as if that was my full time job.

It pushed me into applying for a random job that I found on LinkedIn.  That job, my current job, saw my resume, talked to me over the phone and then wouldn't take no as an answer when it came to an interview. 

When I was fired, I managed to complain enough that they upped my severance from 1 month to 2 months payment giving me a buffer.  I started applying for jobs.  I had 4 interviews lined up in less than a week.  I actually got offered a job an hour after my very first interview.  I got strong-armed a little into taking it, but I did the polite thing and withdrew my applications for other jobs.  I started work less than two weeks after I got fired.  It was a little far away, it was paying a little less than my old job but at the same time, it was also a paying job which I needed.

When I got an email from another company, the one that I'd applied to on LinkedIn about two months prior, I politely told them that I'd just accepted another role and that I would have to withdraw from their process.  They kept emailing me for the next week offering me timeslot after timeslot until I decided that it wouldn't really do any harm to just talk to them.  I'd probably get kicked out after the first phone interview, right?

The phone interview went fantastically.  I was on form.  Great, witty, engaged, with tonnes of relevant experience for the role.  I waited to hear back, not getting my hopes up too high because I had a job already that I was still finding my way around.  (Not that it was hard - I had nothing to do all day most days and no one available to train me).  The next thing I knew, I was getting a call to discuss coming in for an in-person interview.  I made the arrangements, took my Christmas holidays a little early and disappeared off to the longest interview of my life - 3 hours.  I felt really positive about the interview but I still wasn't getting my hopes up.  It seemed like a nice place to work.  The guys who interviewed me were fantastic and exuberant and when I got my tour of the building, the things that were stressed were the fact that they had a diverse workforce, zero-tolerance on harassment or bullying, flexibility around what you needed as well as what was needed from you.

I got a call on Christmas eve saying that I had gotten the job and that a formal letter would be sent out to me after Christmas.  I started the job mid-January after apologising to the other company, and leaving them with a kick-ass and robust set of procedures that should be followed when getting quotes out to customers.  And I haven't looked back.

I have a line manager who actively listens, meets regularly, is always available to discuss issues.  I passed my probation (last month) with flying colours.  She's actively looking at ways for me to expand my knowledge and what I do.  She's looking at my future and trying to keep me in a situation that will keep me satisfied. 

Just today, she's identified an opportunity that she thinks would be perfect for me because "you're already fantastic at the project manager side of things, and you get the technology quicker than anyone else we've had start here."  She would have made me permanent after four months if she could have because I was already up to my elbows and running UAT sessions with clients solo - never been done before.  I feel valued, and listened to, and good. 

But... sitting just out of sight in my mind's eye is the imposter syndrome.  I honestly don't know if that's ever going to go away, but days like today...  They give me just enough to kick it square in it's nuts! 

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I'm still keeping up my step count.  I'm about 6 weeks in and my step count is closing in on half a million steps.  Oh my God, I never thought that I would say such a thing. 

My stats for July were:
~370,000 steps
~274 kilometers / 170 miles walked
Average per day steps of around 12,000

There were also about 5 big blisters and an infinite amount of cramps - which now mostly just try to cripple me as I tackle hills. 

I also managed, somehow, to fit in a Karate grading and am now the proud wearer of an Orange belt - which manages to turn my beautiful white gi a weird orangy-pink colour when I sweat during class.  Also managed to squeeze in a seminar which had us training under Kancho Sullivan, the man who founded our particular branch of Karate.  He's in his 70's, his Australian and he punches trees for fun. 

All in all, I'm keeping active.  Although, I really want some sleep.  With the schedule that I'm on - there are no rest days.

Yes, that's a bad idea but I'm not pushing myself to breaking point.  If I need a particularly slow day, I do 3km instead of 5km in the morning.  I do the same on the days when there is Karate practice.  It's working for me but there's this niggly-naggly voice in the back of my head asking me what's going to happen after September and after the end of this challenge.  I'm not entirely sure that I will be able to just stop cold-turkey or that I'll want to. 

Guess, we'll see!
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3 weeks in and I've hit my first big milestone - a quarter of a million steps, and I'm rapidly closing in on my 300k-th step. 

I'm also down about 8.3 lbs since the middle of June.  That's not terrible in terms of weight loss.  Slow but sustainable. 

The benefits of doing this challenge are that I'm actually getting a long walk in every day with a few days of exceptional walks.  I start my workdays off with a nice 5km walk, and then top up with a supplemental walk if necessary at the end of the day.  Add in a couple of karate classes during the week and I think I can move my activity level off the sedentary level and into active. 

I do have worries about whether or not it's sustainable.  I'm afraid that my fibromyalgia will kick in and level me.  I'm afraid that I'm going to have to keep up this activity level.  I know that I'm borrowing trouble from tomorrow but I'm a worry-wart by design.  For example, I'm worried that I've found this upkick in my activity levels (up to 3x what I was doing per day) fairly easy. 

But so far, it's been okay.  I've had twinges.  I've had muscles lock solid for twenty minutes while I was walking and being in pain while I waited for them to unlock.  But they did unlock.  I've found that increasing my activity levels means that the muscle stiffness that comes with fibro kicks in fast.  I'm keeping at it though. 
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Right, so we're a little over two weeks into the ‪#‎millionsteps‬ challenge. My current step count is just shy of 200,000 steps. I've walked about 145km since the start of July.

I'm amazed.
I honestly didn't think that I'd make it this far.

Things that I've found out about myself so far...

1)  It seems to take me about 2-3kms for my legs to finally accept that we are walking and not planning on stopping - this is when the cramps down the sides seem to subside.

2)  I can seem to keep up a plodding pace that just involves one foot in front of another once my leg muscles relax sufficiently.

3) Holding a bottle of water while walking means that I'm in for killer hand cramps about ten minutes in that meant that I needed to take my ring off and not try anything that required manual dexterity.

4) [ profile] aramuin  was right. I do seem to be walking faster now that I'm doing it regularly.

5) Not enough companies make sports bras that cater for larger busted women. And the ones that do charge a fortune for them. However, occasionally, Sainsbury's comes up trumps.

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I may have signed up for the Diabetes UK 1 Million Steps challenge.  I'm not doing it for the fundraising (partially because my faith in getting there is a bit low and partially because I hate asking people for money).   At the moment, I'm sitting at around 18k steps or 2%. 

It's been two days and already my feet hate me.  Boy is this going to be ... interesting.

I have hit my first milestone of 10k steps - Apparently that's like climbing up the Eiffel Tower 25 times.  Why would someone do that?  My next milestone is at 100k steps.  Oh God!  Kill me now.


Jun. 30th, 2016 12:41 pm
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It's a week since the vote and there's still a lot of uncertainty around the will we/won't we vote. 

The final result was 52% to 48% to Leave the EU.

Then, the stock markets and the sterling went into free fall for a bit but now they're slowly stabilizing and starting to regain some ground.

The UK lost it's Prime Minister and it's trust in most politicians. 

The Labour party is mid-implosion because the Parliamentary Labour Party has decided to resign on mass and instigate a vote of no-confidence in their leader, but despite 75% of them saying that he's not the man for the job, he refuses to resign.

The Conservatives are about to start their all-out war on each other in a quest to inherit Cameron's old role and the presumptive favourite has just thrown a chicken in the fox house and declared that he's not the man for the job. 

And all that is small fries in comparison to what is happening on the street.  It seems as if some of the people who had always kept their racist and xenophobic thoughts to themselves have taken the Brexit vote as a license to say some horrific things to people they determine are immigrants.  I say people they determine as immigrants because mostly they seem to be targeting anyone who a) doesn't have English as their mother tongue and b) looks like they may be foreign (but are usually just people of Asian, Middle Eastern or African heritage). 

Casual racism is on the rise.  Racist attacks are on the rise.  Islamophobia is on the rise.  And the people carrying it out seem to believe that the entire 52% of Leave voters are right behind them and agree with every piece of trash thing that they come out with.  They aren't and they don't - for the vast majority, but these emboldened a**holes are making life hell.

The UK has not started the detangling process.  They've not voted on anything in Parliament and they probably won't until at least October.  The EU is pushing hard to get that little piece of paper across it's desk but with the amount of vacant desks in the Houses of Parliament... it's going to be a while.

Meanwhile, Scotland is scrambling to see what it can do.  Northern Ireland (and Southern Ireland) are holding their breaths and hoping that we don't have to witness "The Troubles: Part Deux" break out and read stories about bombs blowing up and killing hundreds of innocent people in our back yard.  We're already seeing hate crime spike in the UK, and that's too close by far. 

There's talk of legality and whether or not it's actually legal for Parliament to invoke Article 50 - because it may not be in the Public Best Interest.  There's talk of Scottish independence.  There's talk of motions to give the North back to the South and let Ireland be just one big single nation of awesome football supporters.  There's talk of the non-binding-ness of the referendum becoming relevant.  There's talk of second referenda and everything that goes with that.  There's talk of Leave voters not knowing what the hell they voted for and having epiphanies when they woke up the next morning. 

It's too late, sunshine.  You voted, you have to live with the consequences.

There's talk of Irish passports and tracing your family back to see if you can get Irish citizenship to save you from having to queue in terminal buildings and go through disinterested lines of customs and passport control. 

There's too much talk at the moment, and not enough answers.  There's not enough planning.  There's not enough truth in politics. 

Something has got to give but for now, we're all in a holding pattern until someone actually has to power to do something.  For now though, we're just along for the ride.
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A lot has happened since my last update.  Let's start with the good stuff.

1. I had surgery on my wrist.  It is now unbandaged, free to the air and is capable of moving in all directions - even if I have to take it easy with it while it is forming scar tissue and make sure that it keeps moving in the ways that it's supposed to.  On top of that, I have to massage e45 cream into it a couple of times every day.  It's a bit gross to look at but it's moving, so I don't care.

2. My mum's 5 year anniversary happened.  It was harsh but we got through it.  This was the first year that I actually got dad a father's day card.  My mum's funeral took place on father's day 2011, and my enduring memory was my aunt turning around to me after we got back from the church and telling me that it was father's day.  I had just buried my mother.  Some hallmark inspired holiday just wasn't on my to-do list.  I don't think it was on dad's either.  Mum's anniversary mass usually took place during this holiday as well, so I think it was progress to start recognizing it again.  I mean, mum's gone.  Nothing is going to change that.  Mother's day just sends a spike straight through me, but life goes on, right?

3. The exercise is still continuing.  Maybe not so good this month but having a massive wad of bandages around your hand and pain at the incision site is rather off putting when you get down to it.  I have a fitbit, thanks to a very special birthday present, and I love it and all it's tracking abilities.  Of course, there's been no weight loss but that's just the frustrating side of life.  Oh well.  It doesn't get me out of exercising.

4. Britain voted to leave the EU.  Still have mixed feelings on that one.  Might jot them down later.  Still think that they're all idiots.  Yes, I voted remain.  Oh well....
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I was looking through the Endomondo website that I use for tracking my workouts.  On my profile, I found the following box:

Endomondo Profile Summary

It actually puts distance in terms of trips around the world and trips to the moon!  That makes me smile every time.  It's going to be a long time before I have completed a trip around the world but damn it's fun to see. 

Also, the burgers burned... That is depressingly low.  The only good thing I can say about that is that I've eaten less than 41 burgers in the last month so that's a win, right?


Jun. 6th, 2016 08:04 am
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I walked over 9kms yesterday.  I have a blister on the bottom of my right foot and sunburn.  Ooops?

So [ profile] aramuin and I decided to go to the Ramathon yesterday.  Ara was taking part in the actual mini-marathon, while I decided to get an entry into the fun run mini-Ramathon.  It's a 3.1km circuit over some hills and parks mainly for parents and kids to run around while their other parent runs the main race.  I figured it would be a fairly easy introduction into races and running. 

Okay, so I mainly walked the course but I ran at the start, that count's for something right?  I wasn't last, although I will admit that I was in the last handful of people.  Screw it.  I managed to get around the course, didn't kill myself and won myself a shiny finisher medal.

Then I got a painful massage from a physio.  I hate to say it but ...  I may end up having to go get one of those more often.  It hurt but I felt better afterwards.  This requires more thought.

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Since I started kicking exercise's ass in the middle of May, I have:
  •  covered 68.66 km in distance (running, walking, cycling)
  •  completed 12 hours of directed exercise
  •  burned 18156 kcals
  • busted and replaced one wonky bicycle seat
I'm saying that that's not particularly bad.  I'm nowhere near where I want to be, but it's a good solid start. 

May Exercise Schedule

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Okay, so Saturday morning I used our stationary bike to bike 12.6km.  This has resulted in my ladybits hating me with a passion.  They are still sore 3 days later.  This is rather annoying.  I honestly don't know what to do about it.  Everyone says, just keep going and it will be fine but in truth, this is the biggest turn off about cycling.

I have ambitions of cycling to work.  Ambitions, I say because I don't know if it will be possible.  I couldn't close my legs or sit on a hard surface without discomfort on Saturday, which turned into owie on Sunday and is still causing me issue today.  There's an option of a noseless seat for a bicycle which on the surface is looking good.  I just don't know enough about bicycles to know. 

The idea behind it is that your behind is perched on the cushions but there's nothing between your legs to press on your genitals.  This sounds good on the surface but I'm not sure how it will be in reality.  (Also, is there any way to put one of these on my stationary bike???)

Too many questions and no damned answers.... 

Other than that, my exercise plan is still mostly on track. 


May. 19th, 2016 10:05 am
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I may be committing [ profile] rounds_of_kink . 

Claimed a Daredevil F/F fic and a Criminal Minds F/M/M fic.  I've not written properly for a while.  I have about a month for 2 short fics.  That's going to be fine, right?


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Yesterday, I felt as if I got something done exercise wise.  I ditched the exercise bike because time was tight but I managed to increase my distance running.  I hit the dizzying heights of 8kmph on my 60 second mad dashes and didn't cramp up quite as much. 

Don't get me wrong, I still cramped up an amazing amount but I could work through it. 

It's [ profile] aramuin 's birthday tomorrow.  I've been itching for her to open her presents for about a week.  Hopefully she will like them, but ...  I don't know.  I think I'm okay at buying presents but honestly, I'm not sure.  We'll see tomorrow.  :D

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Apologies for the vagueness but I really can't go into more detail...

The company that I work for is being audited by our national regulatory body and as part of that, various people are being pulled into interviews with the regulatory body representatives.  Two of them are people that I work with on a very regular basis who have been with the company for over 10 years each.  I've never seen them less than confident and I can understand that.  10 years of experience should prep you for anything.  However, they are bricking it. 

It doesn't help that there's an observing representative from an international regulatory body who are reputedly very hard to please and throw around affidavit's like they are parade party favours.  I have no doubt that the people being pulled in will ace it, but they're in for a 3 hour grilling by people who have the ability to put us out of business.

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So to kill the headache that has been lurking in the back of my head for the past three days, I decided to forgo normal painkillers and have a glass of wine instead.  Okay, so it was a glass and a half....  My headache has kicked back with a vengeance and is almost to the point where I can't focus on anything.  That kinda backfired.  Funny thing is that it doesn't feel like a hangover.  It's just right behind my eyes and I'm a little photosensitive right now but no nausea which is my sure fire "this is a hangover" sign.  Also my hangover headaches are never morning headaches and never sit right behind my eyes.  They're always top of my head and back of my head...  *sigh*

The weekend was exercise free - which was good because it was Eurovision and that is always just an excuse to be bitchy and mock the crap outta Europe.  The exercise free part continued into Monday because I mistimed my lunch and then couldn't be bothered to do anything in the evening.  I don't know, maybe it's the start of self-sabotage again.  I went yesterday but kinda bailed out halfway through my walk/run intervals because of an urgent need to pee.  :( 

I have my gym stuff with me today but unless my headache buggers off, I'm not going to be doing much but sleeping when I get home.  :(
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Day 5 of the new plan, and so far, not too bad.

I'm shattered after today's workout.  2.11km on the stationary bike.  2.6km run/walk interval training.  I managed 5, yes 5!, 60 second runs today.  Put that side by side with the karate class last night and I'm not feeling too bad actually.

Don't get me wrong, my back is starting to hate me and my wrist really wants a divorce from the rest of my body, but I'm not as bad as I expected. 

I need to figure out what I'm going to do over the weekend.


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